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Apr. 14th, 2005 | 06:21 pm
music: vaccumm thign

Damn this week was a hell of a week. God people need to grow up and stop telling lies.Yeah people are dumb. This week I definatly realized that alot of people are players. Not in the dating sence for guys. but girls. they are soo darn prissy. Whatever. I found out who my real friends are this week. And i realized that i hate how people think soo much of them selves. it makes me mad. I hate it. When someone is soo full of themselves and they act like they are the universe or soemthing. GAH that annoys me. I learned this week Never to cry over someone who will never shed a tear for you. Cause they are just not worth crying over then. Well I'm gonna go Tootles ya'll!!


I passed for confirmation I"M GETTING CONFIRMED!! lol OH YEAH!

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